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Jasta shirt + signed And Jasta For All CD.

Digital / Streaming version comes out May 17th

ALBUM COMES OUT MAY 17TH 2024, these are SHIPPING NOW. Album contributors and Jasta Patreon crew get theirs shipped first/priority and may get them earlier than mid April.

Brand new JASTA studio album. 10 Crushing original THRASH tracks featuring Zetro from Exodus, Scott Ian from Anthrax, Chuck Billy from Testament, Phil Demmel from Vio-lence & more!

Awesome art work by Dan Goldsworthy!

1. They See Us As Prey (feat. Nick Petrino)
2. Armor Your Mind
3. Create The Now (feat. Chuck Billy)
4. R.M.P.C. (feat. Scott Ian)
5. Suicidality (feat. Phil Demmel)
6. Assimilation Agenda (feat. Steve “Zetro" Souza & Joey Concepcion)
7. Ring of Truth
8. Terminal Lucidity
9. No Dream Is Free
10. The Phoenix Way